The Abaco Office of the AMMC, located in Marsh Harbour, is primarily geared toward the study and research of the natural history and prehistory in The Bahamas. Our expanding natural history collections are contributing volumes to our knowledge and understanding of the environment before and during the arrival of people to the archipelago. The activities conducted through the office include site surveys, excavation and documentation, collection, conservation and curation of artifacts and fossil material, and public outreach. The Abaco Office is managed by Nancy Albury and Adrianna McPhee.

Diving in blue holes is a specialized activity that is conducted through the Abaco Office. Scientific research in blue holes and caves include studies of the remains of extinct vertebrate species, geologic anomalies, stratified sedimentary profiles that tell of prehistoric storm events, fluctuating sea levels and water chemistries, and changing vegetation communities, and biodiversity of cave-adapted fauna. Dry caves and blue holes give evidence of the first humans that migrated to the Bahamas beginning with the early Lucayan Amerindians, as well as the plant and animal communities during their initial occupation over 1000 years ago.

The Abaco Office collaborates with many institutions, government agencies, universities, non-government organizations and individuals. The collaborative research is disseminated through presentations in schools, universities, scientific conferences and public forums. Raising public awareness through education and outreach initiatives informs locals and visitors of the ongoing science and the importance of protecting and preserving our historic and prehistoric resources. AMMC Abaco partners with Friends of the Environment, an Abaco based non-profit, non-government environmental organization devoted to preserving Abaco’s fragile environment through educational opportunities and programs. Other partners are Bahamas Underground, a cave diving facility owned and run by Brian Kakuk, a world-class cave diver and explorer, and the Bahamas National Trust. Scientists from various universities and museum collaborate with AMMC Abaco helping provide infrastructure and logistical support.

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